Clear Cut Window Tinting Questions and Answers

Window Tint Questions and Answers

Q: Does window film get installed to the inside or outside of the windows?
A: This question is the most commonly asked of our customers as they watch us install window film to their vehicle. Because window tinting consists of many steps people get curious when they observe us doing the steps that take place first, on the outside of the window called heart shrinking and then after the inside of the windows are cleaned and prepped , then the film gets installed on the inside of the windows.
Q: Can you tint my vehicle outdoors?
A: Although it seems convenient to many customers to have an installer tint their vehicle in the parking lot of their job while they work or their apartment complex parking space, professional and cleanwindow tint must be installed in a controlled indoor atmosphere, this reduces the amount of dust, dirt and/or debris that may end up in between the film and the glass significantly. For this reason we will not perform any outdoor installations.
Q: Why does some window tint discolor, turn purple, bubble or fade?
A: There are many types and quality levels of window tint. Unfortunately
many tint shops carry low end films that only maintain their original appearance for 6 months to a year and sometimes even less, so they may charge very low prices because the cheap film allows them to make a profit at low charge to the customer. At Clear Cut Window Tinting we only carry and install a lifetime warranty film that is guaranteed against discoloration, adhesion failure and bubbling which simply stated means that our film will not turn purple, green, yellow or any other color, it will not peel, crack or fade. We also supply registered nationwide manufacturer warranty cards if you plan on moving to another state.
Q: Will my tint protect my skin from sun burns, UV Rays or even skin cancer?
A: We have met many truckers and long distance drivers whom have sadly devel
oped skin cancer from overexposure to the sun through their vehicle’s windows. We also have many clients who have high
sensitivity in their eyes to sunlight, as well as many with babies and children who they want to protectfrom the sun’s harmful rays. At Clear Cut Window Tinting we carry a 99% UV protection & 30% heatreduction film in every shade as well as an IRP (Infrared Protection) film that is 99% UV, 99% IRP and 60% heat reduction.
Q: Can I tint my own windows?
A: Many customers we have acquired simply because they first tried to tint their own windows; either because it sounded like a simple task or because they wanted to save money. The majority of novices end up frustrated and spending more money because now they have a window film/adhesive removal fee by the time they decide they should take their car to the professionals.
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